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Business Consultation

If you have conflict,
we have solutions.

At Mediation & Conflict Solutions (MCS), we work with people from across southeast Minnesota who want to solve their own issues efficiently and effectively, without using the formal court system.  Our clients have disputes or conflicts with other people, and they want to resolve the differences in a safe and unbiased environment, voluntarily, without filing a lawsuit.  Whether you live in Rochester, Olmsted County or beyond, if you want to learn more about how successful mediation works, we can help.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way to resolve differences or conflicts without filing a lawsuit. It is a method of alternative dispute resolution that saves time and resources. This process creates solutions through dialogue, talking and listening, in a safe and confidential space with neutral mediators.

What do mediators do?

Team Building Session
  • Help participants focus on the problem and listen respectfully.

  • Make sure participants get a chance to explain their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.

  • Ask questions, listen without judging, and help explore solutions.

  • Help write any agreements reached during mediation.

Mediators do not take sides, tell you what to do, make decisions for you, or provide legal advice.

Mediation & Conflict Solutions provides remote mediations, contact us to schedule today

What kinds of issues do we mediate?

  • parenting times

  • visitations

  • household conflicts

  • money and property disputes

  • elder care disputes

  • communication problems

  • landlord and tenant rights

  • neighbor and neighborhood conflicts

  • noise disturbances

  • harassment

  • neighborhood association disputes

  • border and property disputes

  • property damages, repairs, or clean up

  • contract violations

  • discrimination

  • harassment

  • business and consumer disputes

  • business and employee disputes

  • partnership agreements and dissolutions

  • workplace communication problems

  • workplace conflicts

  • rumors, gossip, slander

  • bullying

  • cyberbullying

  • adult friends, dating, or roommate conflicts

  • money and property disputes

  • communication problems

It's fast.

Mediations can be scheduled quickly.


It's affordable.

Fees are on a sliding scale based on income.

It's convenient.

Meetings fit your schedule.

It's confidential.

What is said during mediation stays in the room.


It gives you control.

You create the solution that works for you.

Mediation works!

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