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Preparing for Conflict Resolution


To provide affordable and accessible alternative dispute resolution services.

Before your mediation with Mediation & Conflict Solutions, here are some things to consider:

  1. What is the dispute? Describe concisely.

  2. How does this dispute affect you? (Including how it makes you feel.)

  3. What is the best possible solution to this dispute? List all the necessary parts of the solution.

  4. Which parts of the solution you described in #3 are most important to you? Least important?

  5. What would make the situation better for you? 

  6. What is your bottom line?

  7. Do you have any suspicions about the other party? (Hidden motives, intentions etc?)  

  8. What might / does the other party think about you that could be a barrier to resolving the situation?

  9. What can you tell the other party to persuade them that your views and concerns are correct or valid? Write out your position and the reasons for that position on each issue. Write out questions or concerns the other party may have.

  10. What do you expect the other party wants? Most important? Least important?

  11. How might you provide some of what is wanted? 

  12. List some possible alternative positions or compromises, for example “If the other party would be willing to _______, I might be willing to _______.” 

If you have conflict, we have solutions.
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